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A Cornerstone of Brain Development – Auditory Processing: 

You might ask:

Why are my children struggling with schoolwork and in life?

Why can’t they follow directions or remember to do their chores or brush their teeth? 

It’s not your child’s fault, but may be a symptom of a brain foundation problem called “poor auditory processing”.

Years ago people believed that the brain couldn’t change, that it was hard-wired and a person was just stuck with what they had.  Now we know that with specific game-like activities, the brain can gain abilities just like a muscle can gain strength.  In this webinar you will hear about the wide-reaching effects of poor processing, how to test for it and what can be done to improve this vital skill.

Help for Auditory Processing: 

Live interview with The Block on this topic: Jan Bedell joins Life Plus Homeschooling’s host Rebecca Keliher to look at several tools in creating a wonderful learning environment to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

Make Learning Easier: In this eye opening webinar, Jan Bedell demonstrates how to give your brain a workout that will improve memory, comprehension, critical thinking, maturity and much more! Discover the brain boosting keys that will skyrocket your child’s learning potential regardless of learning styles or current abilities.  Don’t miss it!

Live Interview with The Block: Families with special needs children can homeschool too! Join Jan Bedell from Little Giant Steps as she seeks to encourage families of all needs that they can indeed homeschool their children.

Learning Struggles – When the Foundation Needs Repair: Just like foundation issues in a building can cause all sorts of problems, foundation issues in a child’s brain can cause them to struggle to reach their full potential. Parents often wonder why their bright child has so many difficulties in school. They may even ask themselves, “Does my child have Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Low Auditory Processing or a form of Autism?”

Don’t brand your child with a label before exploring the “foundation” issues that can cause the symptoms you see. Become informed about how the brain works or often struggles to work. Learn practical skills that train the brain and unlock its full potential for a bright future for your child. If they’ve already received a label just know this, labels don’t have to last a lifetime! Learn how to make the change from “struggling” to “learning with ease”!

Build a Strong Learning Foundation – Infant through Preschool: Did you know the most important part of education starts at birth! Jan Bedell, the Brain Coach, shares tips that maximize the everyday teachable moments with your young child. It’s true that children do not come with instruction sheets, but you can learn many “do’s and don’ts” in development from this webinar. Find out how to ensure developmental milestones and greatly reduce or eliminate the chances of learning difficulties in later years.


Live interview with The Block: Home education doesn’t just begin when your darling enters Kindergarten. In fact, the brain is engaged from the very earliest years. Life Plus Homeschooling welcomes Jan Bedell of Little Giant Steps as she challenges parents to begin education from the womb.

Live Interview with The Block: Children are often given labels for every special need they may have, even before a final diagnosis is made. Jan Bedell from Little Giant Steps shares her belief that this often sets the child up for failure before they are given a chance to work through their struggles. If you have a child with learning difficulties, this is the show you have waited for.

If you are just beginning to homeschool, you won’t want to miss this Life Plus Homeschooling!

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