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Hello Jan!


I had to share this with you!

I decided today to try and start again to read Ethan the Story of the World. This is a good curriculum for history. Up until now, Ethan could never understand what I read. Seriously, I would read two sentences and ask him details about the two sentences and he literally couldn’t process it to answer any of my questions. So, of course didn’t continue reading it. Today when I read it to him, he not only could understand it, answer questions about some detail but we finished a section. We then discussed the section and he did an activity about it! I can’t believe it!!!!!! I now see soon I can teach him topics pertaining to actual curriculum ❤️❤️❤️ literally Praise to God!!!


I thought you would love to hear this!


Truly thankful!!

Elizabeth 10/17

This has been a great week for “B”. Tuesday was a very momentous day! “B” never sings, whistles, or hums complete songs. Usually he picks about 10 notes/words or less and repeats the endlessly.  Last night while listening to Mozart, “B” started whistling along with Eine Kleine Nacht Musik!  Today, “B” has been whistling the Star-Spangled Banner!  It is true that he has been whistling it all day, but we are very, very happy that he has chosen to complete a song and not just a few notes! What a happy day!

He continued humming and whistling the National Antheminto today, and he is diligently trying to learn the words. He almost has it!


Another amazing thing happened this week.  “B” actually asked me if he could start doing school work again!  I did not ever imagine this would happen.  I gave “B” a clean piece of paper and pencil.  Next, I told him I would set the timer for 5 minutes.  During that time, he was to write as much as he possibly could about why he is excited about our upcoming trip.


When I started the timer, “B” immediately began to write.  No whining. No complaining. No asking why he had to write.  This was a first!  In addition, he actually wrote three sentences.   He spelled words correctly which he had never been able to spell before.  It was amazing! I pointed out all the positive improvements about his writing and he genuinely smiled!  I told him that this kind of improvement seems to indicate to me that we will be able to start doing one school subject very soon.  I would appreciate your suggestions about this.


Oh, and “B” went the entire week without having to suffer the consequences in our behavior program!


I thank you with all my heart!

L.M. 9/17


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