Brain Coach's View on Spelling:

The ability to visualize is crucial for spelling success. Someone who can visualize well can see things in their head, hold them there and manipulate them. When this skill exists, a child can picture the word written correctly in their head and write it without error. A child must be exposed over and over (frequency) to printed words through reading as well as be a good visualizer to be a good speller.  Some children who are excellent readers may still have poor spelling skills due to poor central detail vision.  In this case, the child sees the word but doesn’t notice the individual details of each letter well.

NeuroDevelopmental Tips:

  • Young children need to be exposed to puzzles, building blocks and other visual discrimination activities like putting things together. 

  • Older children should play visualization games for 10 or more minutes each day.  These games, such as Checkers, Chess, Mancala, Pente or Connect Four to name a few, help the players develop the ability to “see” their next move or even better, several move in advance.

  • Printing spelling words as opposed to writing them in cursive is preferred because we do not visualize words written in cursive.

  • Try teaching visual spelling with weekly spelling words written on 3x5 cards. Put 10 - 20 words, one word each, on a card printed neatly with a black felt pen or printed from a computer.

    • The child holds the card, looks at it, points at it with a finger and says the word (horse).

    • The child touches each letter of the word and says it, “H-O-R-S-E”. Next, say the word again (horse).  

    • Put the card down and look up into the air and visualize the word as on a blackboard and touch the letters again (in the air while “seeing” them) and say them (H-O-R-S-E) and say the word again “horse”.

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