Homeschool Convention - Rogers, AR


We are so excited to be heading to Rogers, AR to provide education for professionals and parents, test kits for auditory & visual processing, programs and curriculum for those who struggle with learning. Everyone is a winner when they come to our booth, as they get information, training, and skills that are all designed to enhance the ability of the brain to comprehend, retain, and recall information. It does not matter how old you are or what your I.Q. might be; our brain training programs enhance learning abilities. Dr. Jan Bedell, founder of Little Giant Steps, always gives so much training in her workshops. We had a woman send us a letter after she'd taken home the techniques Dr. Jan had instructed her audience on during a workshop. She did the activities with her son, and within three months he was able to follow directions and remember instructions. School was easier and much more successful!

If you can't make it to the homeschool conference, then go to our YouTube Channel:

Brain Coach Tips. You'll love all the skills and knowledge you'll gain at no charge!

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