ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life offers so many solutions to learning struggles. First, is to discover the root cause (typically it's a matter of a few developmental steps having been missed as an infant or toddler. When the connections between the brain and body are not fully developed then you see issues like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and many more such difficulties. The NeuroDevelopmental Program stimulates the brain to make those connections, and when there's brain efficiency, behavior, abilities and successful learning become a part of their daily life. We provide a FREE SURVEY to help you identify specific issues and get started.

So, if your child distracted, disorganized or impulsive? Has someone suggested that they are ADD and they need to be put on medication to reach their full potential? In this Brain Tips Video Dr. Jan visits with Michelle, Little Giant Steps’ Director of Parent Support, about her encounter with the ND Approach with her two sons. Click on picture to gain access to The Brain Coach Tip for today and learn how you can be the change-agent in your child's academic and social life.

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