Do you have a child that is constantly in trouble? They don’t look at you when you talk to them. They don’t follow directions. They don’t answer when spoken to. They will not sit still and do their school work. This may not be defiance! Dr. Jan has worked with clients using the NeuroDevelopmental Approach for over 20 years. She seen the change in children when they get to the root cause of an issue. Of course, we are all born with a sin nature, but that is not always the problem. If a child skips a NeuroDevelopmental step there may be an issue with how they see, hear, or process, but there is still hope! Because we were fearfully and wonderfully made we can still develop the pathways needed to complete these steps. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: The Neurodevelopmental Approach DVD. A video you must watch to understand - you'll get the keys to improved function: FREE TEST KITS - Auditory and Visual Processing Testing


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