When emotions are over the top and you just can’t figure out what is setting them off. You might have a Drama Queen/King at your house. Looking for the root causes instead of just reacting is a productive way to look at this situation. Jan Bedell, the Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach, is here to help you look through “neurodevelopmental eyes” at what might be the root cause of all this drama around your house. Joining Jan today is Ruth Young, a 10 year veteran NeuroDevelopmentalist, certified teacher and home school mom of five. Ruth will be sharing her experience with a Drama Queen and the neurodevelopmental solutions she found that changed her daughter’s future.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: AUDITORY PROCESSING HELPS WITH PERFORMANCE/CONFIDENCE https://www.littlegiantsteps.com/auditory-processing FREE ASSESSMENT OF MATH PROFICIENCY https://www.littlegiantsteps.com/math-proficiency TOOLS TO CREATE EASIER FUNCTIONAL ABILITIES https://www.littlegiantsteps.com/brain-boosting-products

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