Make Reading Easy

When your child has trouble reading, it is often a puzzle to everyone involved. Instead of just changing curriculum or hiring a tutor, let’s investigate together what could be causing the struggle. I strongly encourage you not to go buy another phonics program! It may not be the phonics program that is the issue at all. Today you will learn about auditory processing as it relates to reading. When the processing is low, that often causes the difficulty with being able to read well with phonics. By listening to this Brain Coach Tip, you will also begin to understand what other root causes might be negatively effecting a child’s ability to read. Ways to change the brain so learning is easier will be recommended.

Watch the video and learn new techniques and skills that will fix many functional issues

Websites to help with reading & remembering- Free products:

Auditory Processing Test Kit

Sometimes it difficult to know where to start. Here's free service: Free Survey with Professional Review & Recommendations

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