ND Screening in Mobile, AL

The NeuroDevelopmental Screenings are a way to gain insight and actual results of your child's current level of functional abilities. What's functional abilities? Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Comprehension, Receiving, Storing, Recalling, and Utilizing Information. After the screening by the Certified Neuro-Educational Specialist, parents are given a free seminar that not only trains them about what to do next, but also helps them to understand the results of their child's screening. Only $25.00 for the screening!

Typically a screening (a current snapshot of the child's, teen's or adult's level of function in academic, social, and behavior) lasts from 15 to 20 minutes. The free seminars are online and can be done at your own convenience. Just call and schedule, you won't regret gaining this valuable knowledge on how to be the change-agent for a more successful, happier, and successful student, or individual.

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