Organized Einstein Part 1

Dr. Jan Bedell introduces us to a wise and wonderful way to help ALL who could use a faster, more accurate, and easier recall of information. Especially the students who, due to developmental lack of stimulation and cross patterning as infants. It affects every person, even those who are highly intelligent or gifted.

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life teaches the skills of establishing good organization in the lower levels of the brain. When the neuro-connections are efficient between the brain and body, the cognitive, physical, and essence of the individual fostered by the abundance of intelligence can become all it was intended to be. Providing the nurturing, discipline, and abundance of love and joy surrounding the learning experience, amplifies the experience even further. Dr. Jan Bedell explores the needs and requirements of the gifted side of the spectrum of learning. Follow this link to Dr. Jan's session on YouTube (BE SURE AND SUBSCRIBE):


#GiftedLearner #Giftedstudent #homeschool #EfficientBrainFunction #DevelpmentalSteps #NDApproach #AuditoryProcessing #ShorttermMemory

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