Homeschooling- When Does It Really Begin? Part 1

Dr. Jan Bedell gives insights to parents about the best and brightest activities you can do with your children. It doesn't matter whether they are infants, toddlers, or older. We're never to young or old to help with the natural steps of development and experiencing improved memory, comprehension, and recall of information we've heard, read, seen, or touched.

You will discover how much you have in common with this woman who raised her children and now is having a huge impact on the lives of her grandchildren. Parents who learn techniques and skills can help their children's brain become more efficient-neurologically connected between the brain and body. Unfortunately, an occurrence that in this day and age of so many gadgets that hamper the natural cycle of crawling and cross patterning which impacts all modes of learning and retaining information.

We have had so many kindergarten and early years of elementary express there is a general disconnect in functional abilities that are slowing bright and average kids down in their school work. They talk about these issues as if it were an epidemic across the board.

Little Giant Step's commission is to help families help their children reach their fullest God-given potential in learning. Come to BRAIN COACH TIPS , our new YouTube Channel. SUBSCRIBE! We add new videos every Thursday. Don't miss the extremely valuable tips that gives you new tools to help your whole family be more successful.

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