In today's world there's a lot of discussion about the importance of cursive writing. Have you wondered about whether you wanted to venture down that road or just ignore that it exists? Today I think you'll find Dr. Jan's podcast and her interview with one of the co-owners of "CURSIVE LOGIC PROGAM" ~ Prisca Lecroy, an insightful and informative experience.

Join the reporting of how Prisca's mother began this effort by working with a young man of 23 who was desiring to get his driver's license and that required him to sign his name to get that accomplished. Many people today don't really thing cursive writing is a priority, however Prisca delves into the importance of interacting with the world of gaining skills, privileges, and requirements to fulfill our duties as an adult with a job. A 45 minute program was developed to get young adults to be able to sign their names, but since then a full and easy method of learning cursive for not only these folks, but for those with learning disabilities or struggles, as well.

An interesting discussion was had about reading and writing cursive and the benefits for neuro-development. Be sure and tune in for great Brain Coach Tips. Cursive Logic is something you'll want to learn about. Just click on the red link above.

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