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Having failure or struggles in school at your house? Want to change that trend? Little Giant Steps and Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD. trains parents, children, and professionals in the NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life. It's Brain Training Techniques, Activities and Programs that have made learning easier for thousands of students for over 20 years. If you desire to see your child move into mastering their learning abilities, experiencing success, and gaining self-confidence, then you will want to go to our new training videos on our new YouTube Channel.

BRAIN COACH TIPS , is your link to videos that provide the tools, knowledge, and access to discovering the keys to learning success. Be prepared to learn, grow, and bring resources to your family, especially your children. Discover a winning solution through Dr. Jan's training, insights, and the successful programs she's created.

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Thursdays: New Videos Uploaded

Monthly: Great Short Training Videos, Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD

For more information go to Little Giant Steps website. Review and purchase products on our Store

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