Gifted Children - Enhancing

If you have a gifted child, you may be surprised at the difficulty that you encounter with keeping them challenged.

Gain first-hand experience from Dr. Jan Bedell as she also is challenged daily with living in a multi-generational household with several gifted grandchildren. Dr. Jan has the perspective of a teacher, as she taught for many years, and also her from her doctorate in child development, and as a certified Neurodevelopmentalist with over twenty years experience in working with typical, gifted, and challenged children. She knows from her professional as well as her personal life, the challenge of keeping ahead of these intellectually blessed boys and girls!

Now, with her up-close and personal experience of "living daily" with her grandchildren, her perspective and ability to pass on to others knowledge, skills, techniques are a super blessing to those who find themselves on this life journey.

For instance, it's not just about intelligence. It's also about having an organized brain. So with all the capacity given to these off-spring, life is best when expressed with organized thought, accuracy, and full of the ability and potential of their God-given intellect. One can be smart, but if disorganized in thought, then the stress and pressure of not having the ability to make things socially, educationally, or relationally work successfully, the behavior becomes the feature of challenge, rather than the need to stimulate their minds, hearts and bodies in a superior fashion in accordance to their intellectual abilities. Dr. Jan has techniques she shares in this podcast that are worth their weight in gold. She demonstrates how you can promote better processing speed and accuracy which creates the optimum climate for the highest developmental, as well as, academic potential.


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