In A Busy World, Draw Close To God

Dr. Jan Bedell welcomes a friend and pastor, Alan Bias, to introduce our audience to his area of expertise, He's been studying how to overcome the noise of this busy world, and still have the ability to hear God in ones everyday life. He's an answer to many of our prayers with this option he's given through his new book.

Pastor Alan describes the condition many of us succumb to and he calls it the "Bid Gray Swirl". He shows how the distractions and busyness of our everyday lives can lead us away from the relationship with God , as well as losing site of the preciousness and importance of our families. Our activities often depletes our ability to be available to experience the true fullness of life. Pastor Alan understands the needs of a child who is gifted or distracted due to the need to learn in special ways. He knows what it's like to have the label of Dyslexia, and all the many issues that arise during the years in school trying so hard, and often unable to hit the mark. Life with a learning label is a complicated life academically, socially, and even, in many cases, within the family.

Pastor Alan demonstrates how many of us slip into the "Big Gray Swirl" - a life of busyness and lacking the ability to quiet oneself or even ones child and listen to God. God is available everyday and his holy spirit is available to help guide our paths, and decisions... if only we had the awareness of his presence in our lives. Pastor Bias has created a book called, "Walking With God in a World Gone Busy." Life doesn't have to be a blur, but many of us don't even have the realization of what we're missing! This book helps us find our balance, our rhythm of grace and peace with our spiritual guide in every way - everyday! Discover the advantages of having a wholesome, balanced life through Pastor Bias' book. Click this link on Little Giant Steps website to add this heart-warming book that will help you avoid the "Big Gray Swirl!"

Pastor Alan Bias teaches:

  • Biblical examples of how cultural expectations and busyness hindered people from enjoying God’s presence.

  • How to build your faith by being fully present with God in the midst of your busy day.

  • Being available to realize the signs and symptoms of a busy, distracted life and the solutions to it.

  • Us how to understand simple steps we can take to enjoy more “God Moments”.

  • He helps us to live a productive life without being overwhelmed and busy. ORDER NOW

#Godcentered #busyness #confusion #strife #Peacefulskills #poorlearningperformance

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