A very helpful podcast by the Brain Coach Have you ever wondered why your kid is always into so much trouble? The list of things they don't do is long:

*They can't seem to follow directions.

*They don't answer when you've asked a question or when spoken to.

*They won't look at you when talking to them.

*They can't sit still nor do they do their home work.

Have you ever considered that there may be another answer other than just plain defiance?

Dr. Jan Bedell has worked with clients using the NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life for over 20 years. She has seen dynamic change in children after addressing the root cause of what, on the surface, seemed like poor behavior. Of course, we are all born with a sin nature, but that is not always the sole cause of problematic conduct. If a child skips a NeuroDevelopmental step, there may be an issue with how they see, hear, or process information, which can show up as "bad" behavior. But there is still hope! Because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we can still develop the pathways needed to complete these steps. A turn this bad behavior into a solution with positive results.... including good, happy, and self-confident kids!

Dr. Jan will ask you to think differently about why your children are responding the way they are behaviorally. She will discuss some of the root causes of behavioral issues and introduce you to what you can do to fix them. Are you ready to have peace and harmony in your home? Tune in to the Brain Coach Tip of the Day. LISTEN NOW

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