Attention Deficit Disorder

Is your child that is impulsive, distracted, or disorganized ?

Has someone suggested they have an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and they possibly medication will be needed for them to reach their full academic potential?

Michelle, Little Giant Steps’ Director of Parent Support, is interviewed by Dr, Jan Bedell about her encounter with the ND Approach with her two sons. Michelle shares the struggles her boys were having and their triumphs she has encountered in her family’s story! Because of her experience with all the trials and triumphs, Michelle has continued with Little Giant Steps so that she can assist others in achieving their God-given potential.

Little Giant Steps wants you to know there is hope. You don’t have to accept the labels. There is help through NeuroDevelopmental Programs that will alleviate your child's struggle or the possibility of being held back because of their ADD symptoms. The ND approach can make these symptoms a thing of the past just as it did for Michelle and her son.

You can visit to see documented results of ADD and ADHD students who have worked through the NeuroDevelopmental Program. Listen in to The Brain Coach Tips today and find hope through Michelle’s story.

Don’t miss the handout with test results and discount coupons. Click on the picture to listen.

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