Reading Struggles

How Many Parents Are Dealing With Children With

Reading Difficulties?

More than we wished. Often parents suspect dyslexia,when their child struggles with reading. However at Little Giant Steps, Dr.Jan requests parents and teachers adapt to thinking differently . You see, learning disability labels come from a set of symptoms. When so many symptoms are collected, then a label is applied. The problem with that approach is that it doesn't fix anything. What is paramount is to treat the problem by working with a solution for any given symptom.

For over 40 years the NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life has practiced looking at what the cause of the symptoms are, and applying activities that correct or develop solutions. The systems involved are the visual, tactile, and spatial (knowing where your hand is) so you can move it accurately across the page. Also, it is very important to visualize in order to spell correctly. Dr. Jan goes into that more thoroughly in her podcast.

Dr. Jan says, "If your child has symptoms such as difficulty blending sounds into words, reversing letters, and/or reading slowly or hesitantly, don’t despair, because she shares possible causes and solutions for these struggles, as well.

There is always hope when you address the problems,. The symptoms diminish or disappear entirely. Once these issues are no longer troublesome, students quickly catch up to their peers or grade level.

You can learn how to be proactive with your preschool child to avoid reading struggles in their future.

Don’t miss the handout attached with the symptoms of Dyslexia and the root causes that could be addressed with NeuroDevelopment. Great discounts are offered. Just look for the codes.

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