Math Cornerstones

Math Can Be A Problem Without A Foundation

How many children do you know struggle with math? You may be surprised to know there are gifted children who have difficulty, as well. The foundation upon a child's early development is formed or the lack thereof can cause difficulty at any age if the brain organization and processing abilities are not developed enough to serve for a basis to even learn ones math facts successfully.

Dr. Jan Bedell guides parents through this maze of necessity and illuminates how a parent can go about lighting the way toward successful mastery of math, math concepts, receiving, storing, and recalling all that goes along with this vital skill we utilize in all areas of our lives.

She will cover many foundational practices such as:

1. Rote counting – Counting CD 2. Understanding quantity – first count accurately, then be able to look at fingers, pictures on a page, and dice and be able to recognize the quantity

3. Counting from any random number to a specific number 4. Skip Counting 5. Concept of math operations: a. What is addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? b. Progression through the different aspects of each operation, i.e. multi-digit addition all the way through 2 and 3 digit division. This progression is made available through Visual Circle Math (downloadable & printed copy), a way to advance quickly through understanding of concepts if a child is advanced in math. Great also for remediation if a child is struggling with math as they can go at their own pace. Also available in: Visual Circle Math (download only)

6. Word problems – holding pieces together long enough to figure out what is important information requires good auditory processing.

She offers a free Auditory Processing Test Kit at so you can determine at what level your child is functioning - below, at, or above their grade level. A real cornerstone for math facts is the Rapid Recall System, of which she'll discuss: See the handout for special Ultimate Home School Radio discounts on all products mentioned on today’s podcast.

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