Kindergarten Skills For Academics

The building blocks for development, and especially for the neuro-development of our preschool children must be acquired in order to function successfully in Kindergarten and experience success in their early academic quest! Dr. Jan Bedell's podcast this week offers a great deal of insight and knowledge to its listeners.

Mobility, manual, tactility, language, visual and auditory skills are the six areas of foundational function and development needed for our children starting school.

When these areas are not developed we at Little Giant Steps, are ready and able to help parents and their children move beyond the gaps and problems in their learning abilities. Every year we work with issues and labels such as ADHD, CAPD, ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and many more that can disrupt and cause problems, not only for the child, but for the entire family.

One thing that has been proven, is that no curriculum can fix these learning challenges and inefficiencies. Brain training programs provided through our services has demonstrated for the past twenty five years, the successful transformation of learning issues and elimination of the symptoms, dysfunctional behavior and brain inefficiencies. The lack of early neuro-development can occur from a variety of reasons, i.e. ear infections, deprivation, injury, illness, etc. The good news is that those children, teens or adults who are not functioning up to their grade or age levels can experience a turn around. Learning disabilities do not have to last a lifetime. Dr. Jan teaches about the specific activities that can help result in improved functional performance. She also informs parents about the importance of understanding the chemistry of the body and the influence it may have on learning abilities. In fact, she is offering free metabolic consultations after submitting a request. The handout will give you details of making that request, as well as, featured discounts on helpful products. READ MORE


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