Great Preschool Essentials

Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, M.ND. presents the needed insight as to how to help your preschooler establish a strong neuro-foundation that will serve their learning abilities for the rest of their lives.

Much debate from professionals has gone on as to how can we assist our preschoolers to have peak performing brains so they can function successfully in their school years.

As Dr. Jan states, "Our perspective from the neurodevelopmental arena has little to do with books suggesting skills for preschoolers is what is most important. Instead the focus is on everything that has to do with the development of the central nervous system and especially the brain. Everything we do is coordinated and emanates from the brain. If we help by providing our children with a good developmental foundation, they can then grow, organize, receive, retain and recall information successfully, which is what learning and academics is all about. Preschoolers books need to be the ones their parents read to them! The advantages of that Dr. Jan covers in another session on the vital reality of developing auditory processing abilities.

When the brain's connections are strong, as well as the muscles, and mature, the skills of holding a pencil, or cutting with scissors, identifying letter or numbers or writing ones name will come easily, because of the strong neuro-foundation that has been encouraged to develop. God was a master architect in designing how the developmental steps are set up to help us grow and have our brain to change to accommodate the body's, and mind's tasks that come with life.

A solid foundation is required. If this is not the case, we see learning challenges, sensory issues, and lack of functional abilities. 25% of our children in the United States of America are showing up with problems that are directly a result of a breakdown in the neurodevelopmental steps being missed or unavailable. Dr. Jan will cover six areas of development that are foundational and functional - visual, auditory, manual, mobility, tactility and language. She will cover fully each area and give specific activities for you to do with your child, so you can insure your child's greatest potential in learning, coordination, social and behavior will be of their highest God-given potential.

The handout gives you special resources and discounts on the key points given from the podcast.


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