God's Special Gift ~ Neuroplasticity

50 or 60 years ago what medical science knew was what they could see with the naked eye. In the case of the brain, there wasn't such thing as visibility. What they knew about brain function was small compared to the richness of the technology (MRI-Brain Scans-Neuroscopy, etc) where they can see inside the skull, and even watch the electrical currents move, or watch surgical procedures unfold as it progresses inside the brain. The belief in earlier times was that the brain was thought to be static - unchanging by the time you were an adult. Today with all the advances in our radiological technologies, we know everyone's brain changes continually throughout their lives and the experiences they have.

Most of us know of people who have suffered brain trauma or stroke. We typically take it as a given that the physical therapist will work with them and get their functional ability to be reestablished. That is proof that the brain has to change, when natural functional abilities return following the complete loss.

We know the therapy is activity, but most of us give little thought as to the specific activities that are targeted at the specific affected area of the brain, and results in return of function. The targeted areas respond to the stimulation of the activity and change from damaged to healthy neuro-pathways being established, and communication between the brain and body becomes swift and accurate. Who of us wouldn't prefer to be able to learn, read, comprehend, calculate faster and with more accuracy? As the brain gets stronger from the therapy's stimulation, a much improved network of nerves and neuro-connections develop which makes us function on a higher, faster, and more accurate plain than before the stimulating activities were undertaken and completed. Listen to Dr. Jan as she brings to you the exciting abilities you have available to you and your brain. It truly is a gift from God.


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