Special Needs - Navigating Homeschool

Many times those who homeschool special needs children can feel very isolated. Dr. Jan Bedell brings a very special mom and an associate of Little Giant Steps to share her journey of traversing the landscape in bringing up two sons who had very different learning issues and very different special needs.

Michelle tells how she knew her oldest son was struggling. There many symptoms of what is called ADHD. He couldn't pay attention, follow a conversation, and was highly distracted. Their doctors had put him on medication with the hopes of him functioning better in school. However her youngest son had much more involved issues known as pervasive developmental delays. Even the doctors said he would never be able to function normally and might be best served in an institution. She will share how God was faithful to send her help and support along the way.

Her efforts in working with Dr. Jan and the NeuroDevelopmental Programs paid off, as both boys are adults, who have successful lives with their family, jobs, and social world. Learn how such a transformation in functional abilities were accomplished.


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