Prayers Answered

Have you had times when you felt like prayers were not being heard? Have you also experienced times when you knew, without any doubts, that God had provided divine intervention.There was absolutely no doubts what so ever?

God is a mover of mountains, and a mom that shares this podcast has an adopted daughter with learning issues resulting in her great lack of self-confidence and feeling of great worthlessness. Many children who have been labeled with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, etc suffer from low-self-esteem, as do many kids who are adopted.

Listen to this mother as she shares her journey of difficulty, doubt, and yet was persistent in finding a lasting solution, as well as cries out to God in prayer, to help her overcome her daughter's poor school and learning performance, emotional control and bad behavior.

In this Brain Coach Tip, you will hear first hand accounts of a mom crying out to God for answers. She had tried all the curriculum and techniques that she could find and still, her daughter struggled academically, emotionally and behaviorally. In this episode, you will hear about a mom’s journey through educational and behavioral professionals, medications, desperate cries to God for help, and his answered prayer in her life. Was the road to better function for her daughter an easy one? No. Did she have to walk by faith when she didn’t really see all the changes she wanted to see right away? Yes. Did she reap big rewards when even the siblings that came home for the holidays noticed a difference and experienced an all new relationship with their sister? YES! YES!


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