911- Homeschooling Special Needs

Have you noticed that your child seems happier, better behaved, and more relaxed when school is out for the summer? Do you notice a change in demeanor as school starts? Many, who struggle with reading, writing, storing information and recalling what they've read or heard, become stressed. "Enduring" another year of challenging episodes in their quest to learn causes anxiety. Most parents notice this struggle at an unconscious level. Then when the child becomes very frustrated, negative, and many times see themselves as hopeless, the problem is recognized on a very conscious level. Panic registers for many parents as they recognize that something is definitely wrong for this bight child with lots of skills, but fails in the area of being successful in their learning abilities.

Reversing this course of educational downward spiral for children and the parents is what Little Giant Steps is all about. The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life, creates, restores, and improves functional abilities that were not fully developed, or were interrupted due to illness, ear infections, or perhaps some trauma, or just lack of making it through that steps of development when they were an infant or toddler. Because of the plasticity feature in the brain, we are allowed to resolve (using specific physical, visual, and auditory stimulation activities) the issues or as we call them "the root causes" and build new neuro-pathways from stimulating activities so that area of the brain goes from a difficult road of passage to a super highway that transmits impulses between the brain and body at exceedingly high and efficient rates of speed and accuracy. AND...short and long-term memory. That's why we can inform you that "Learning Disabilities Do Not Have To Last a Lifetime". We were fearfully and wonderfully made. The "repair" of the areas can become whole and enhanced in performance and can happen at any age.... if you do the recommended activities that are discovered to be needed. Dr. Jan Bedell and her team has helped to turn around the learning lives of thousands of families in the past 20 years, and now with the internet, the Developmental Approach for Life is available online so the whole world can take advantage of these remarkable services that include curriculum utilizing activities embedded in the subject matter.


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