Siblings and Special Needs

Dr. Jan and Alysa share their journey with you. Dr. Jan's gives her special insight from a professional perspective and as she noted, "I only wished someone could have given me this information when my girls were small."

Life, regardless of the circumstances we're given, is precious, and our attitudes and choices can make it a valuable life-equipping journey if we choose to learn, grow, and prayerfully move in a direction of love, consideration of each of our children's needs, and to teach them the "facts". Yes, our household is different, but like all households it is our love, care, concern for the welfare of everyone in the family that makes us happy, whole, and significant in our example to the world. We have an opportunity to teach the world how "special" each member of the family truly is to each other and to those who travel with us on our life-journey.


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