CAPD - Central Auditory Processing Disorder

CAPD, the latest label for persons with learning difficulties that prevent them learning successfully. Central Auditor Processing Disorder manifest as not being able to hold information in short-term memory long enough to hold it and bring it back out in a short amount of time. Another symptom has to do with taking in sounds that are unrecognizable or not being able to interpret those sounds from someone near to them when they talk.

These deficits cause much difficulty in the educational experience. When your auditory processing system is not functioning correctly, then comprehension is faulty, and with that comes frustration, fear, and many times behaving in less that ideal ways. Worst of all is losing their self-confidence. When that's eroded, learning can become an unbearable event.

Dr. Jan Bedell, a Master Neurodevelopmentalist, suggests it is better to ask the question, "What are the root causes of these symptoms." "What systems are involved, and based on the behavior or out-put, what are the appropriate corrective NeuroDevelopmental Activities to remedy the functional problems." In this podcast, Dr. Jan Bedell, the Brain Coach, will provide a broader understanding of CAPD and its far-reaching effects.

Listen and discover ways to improve the inefficiencies found in the symptoms of these labels. By learning how to improve these inefficiencies, you can help your child’s auditory processing improve greatly!


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