Handwriting - A Challenge We Can Change

Writing is such a foundational part of our development. In fact, if all NeuroDevelopmental Steps have been experienced, then we see less problems with eye-hand coordination, sensory and muscular development so our little guys can and will hold writing utensils correctly.

Dr. Jan Bedell, founder of Little Giant Steps, covers this topic to help give insight as to the development required, but also there are especially good educational references in the handout. Whether you are seeking the reason for poor handwriting, inability to grasp, hold properly, and utilize the visual and hand coordination, you'll know how to proceed and make a very positive difference in your student's abilities to write properly in a school environment.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Podcast on Good Handwriting now.

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#EyeHandCoordination #ImprovedAcademicPerformance #HandMuscularDevelpment #functionalabiities

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