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How many of you remember the days when you were a student, and the struggles either you or you friends had in trying to spell using phonics? All of sudden the English language and sounds of words became complex and there were rules that most of us found took some time to really understand, grasp, and gain mastery. It seemed like it was a road with a lot of pot holes one could fall into, and easily make a mistake.

Not always did sounding out a word with phonics prove to be successful.

So what made the difference? Visual processing! If you could visualize the correct spelling, chances are you would be a very successful speller Tune in to Dr. Jan Bedell's podcast and learn about the NeuroDevelopmental Approach For Life's perspective when dealing with this topic.

CLICK HERE to listen now.

Don't forget to check out the handout. You'll discover many helpful items that build on the information in this presentation.

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