An Adoption, Is Love All It Takes?

Those who choose to adopt are special people with large hearts, lots of love, and willing to accept a child unconditionally. It has been our pleasure at Little Giant Steps to work with families who have gone through an adoption and there are "differences" they can't explain that are impacting their family and the child's well being.

Some adopted children show issues from abandonment, rejection or symptoms of trauma. Such events can cause brain chemicals to be released which can hinder development of neuro-connections in the brain. These symptoms may show up in exaggerated fears, obsessive behaviors, memory and learning difficulties.


The NeuroDevelopmental Approach for Life! It can and does repair or create neuro-connections, and the "wiring of the brain in early childhood can be corrected. The resulting behavior issues are resolved for the better. Advantages of stimulating the brain through ND activities is called neuro-efficiency. When the brain is functioning efficiency you have improved learning abilities, memory, social as well as behavior. By following a NeuroDevelopmental Program typically determined through an Individual Evaluation, a Screening, or insights that can come from a Survey the road to predicable, productive and joyful living is achieved.


There are many At Home Programs that Dr. Jan Bedell has developed which are effective as well. However you choose to approach helping your child, we will consult, educate, and train you to unlock your child's greatest God-given potential. Which is a lifelong solution.

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