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Autism comes in all colors, styles, symptoms, and functional abilities. Typically parents are bewildered as to what they are to do, how can they learn more, and what does the future hold for their child.

Dr. Jan Bedell, Little Giant Steps, has been working with children and teens with Autism for twenty some years. Some with a wide variety of symptoms or behaviors have been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. All has to do with a series of symptoms that prevent normal human interaction, education/learning and socialization. The one stable item when discussing the improvement of functional abilities is the success of the NeuroDevelopmental (ND) Approach for Life!

I've seen an 8 year-old child being on the ND Program for four months who initially presented with no ability to speak and was not interacting with those around her - even making eye contact. It was amazing at her four month re-evaluation she was able to talk, count toys as she picked them up, and interact with people. So, the program was able to bring into being processing abilities not available before, incorporated sensory integration, eye coordination and brain organization. Most importantly was when I called her name, she acknowledged me, and answered a question I posed.

Dr. Jan Bedell has a great podcast this week you won't want to miss. You will get more information about dealing with autism and tips on what you or someone you know could do to improve living. Take a few minutes to learn how to make positive changes in someone's life.


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