Part 2 - Homeschooling- When Does It Really Begin?

First things sure and listen to Part 1 of this series. Dr. Jan takes you through the stages of brain development/organization, to give you the structure requirements. Today we're going to be sharing with you brain organization of the last stage - The Cortex.

The key to helping your infant, toddler, or preschooler's brain occurs when there are strong neuro-connections and pathways in all areas of the brain. We teach you how to build that kind of an infrastructure through specific neurodevelopmental activities. It can make the difference in a person's ability to learn and live life with less stress, frustration, and low self-esteem. [It lasts a lifetime]. Children whose brains are functionally efficient experience greater success, joy, and are happier in life (school or social).

There are some great handouts with discounts and notes from the workshop, too.

Listen now: PODCAST.

#LearningSuccess #BrainTraining #EfficientBrainFunction

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