Part 1- Homeschooling- When Does It Really Begin?


Some people work with their preschoolers with the idea of developing better learning skills. However, I've heard parents say, "All a child needs is to play. They don't need to start their education until kindergarten." The truth is our little ones start education from day one. You see God created humans to go through specific developmental steps needed to connect their brains and bodies. Early movement and reflexes creates neuro-stimulation. Having neuro-stimulating play activities with parents results in a highly developed neuro-learning foundations like brain organization. eye tracking, eye-hand coordination, auditory and visual processing. The more developed these foundations are, the easier learning occurs - an advantage for a preschooler, as well as a kindergartner.

Today's children are having more learning difficulties because we're placing our infants in seats, swings, walkers, and jumpers which provide little or no neuro-stimulation to their tactile, visual, sensory, or auditory systems. This week's podcast discusses the issues. CLICK HERE to listen.

#LearningSuccess #EarlyDevelopment #MakeLearningEasy

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