Dr. Jan Bedell's podcast brings to the foreground how best to identify what is the best approach in teaching your child how to read.

You see, there are several ways to teach reading. For instance, phonics is an excellent way to instill this skill, providing the student's auditory processing abilities are at or above their grade level. Auditory Processing? Yes. It's a functional ability measurable by testing. It measures current ability to hold a certain number of pieces of information in short term memory, then after a brief interval to recall it in sequence it was given correctly and utilize it. To try to incorporate phonics without the ability to hold information, recall and utilize it just doesn't work. To check out your child's current level of function in their auditory processing, follow this link and download a FREE AUDITORY PROCESSING TEST KIT. Also available is the a FREE VISUAL PROCESSING TEST KIT . The instructions are detailed and the rational for the activity is well explained and enlightening.

In this podcast Dr. Jan will instruct you on the various ways reading can be taught, such as sight or learning styles - often competing disciplines, yet there are ways to discover how best your student functions and which way of teaching is most advantageous for him or her.



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