The Gifted Learner Pt.1- Engaging Einstein

Teaching Your Unique Child

Having a child that is exceedingly bright can be a challenge for the parent who seeks to provide the most enriching educational environment possible. However, helping your child develop to their fullest potential has very similar requirements for all children.

The Neurodevelopmental Approach for Life teaches the skills of establishing good organization in the lower levels of the brain. When the neuro-connections are efficient between the brain and body, the cognitive, physical, and essence of the individual fostered by the abundance of intelligence can become all it was intended to be, providing the nurturing, discipline, and abundance of love and joy surround the learning experience.

In this podcast Dr. Jan Bedell explores the needs and requirements of the gifted side of the spectrum of learning. As with all children, each one is unique and special in their own God-given way. Dr. Jan covers what it takes to meet the very dynamic needs of a child who's academic appetite is great and how a homeschool parent can meet the demands and challenges of teaching a child with the correct setup to be able to cut teaching time down but raise the academic result. Podcast #26 is part 1 and #27 is part 2.

Listen now: Podcast #26

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