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These discounts are being offered in the after-glow of the Teach Them Diligently Convention in Rogers, AR. We know you were terribly busy while there. Perhaps these savings will be helpful.

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A $100 Discount Is Yours Now

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A NeuroDevelopmental Evaluation can change the course of a child's, teen's, or an adult's ability in receiving, storing and recalling information. Get a discount by making an appointment & pay deposit before May 20, 2017. Receive $100 off program materials. Click link below to get started:& learn more.... Link to Evaluation Resources

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In Home Programs With Solutions

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#1. Advanced Brain Training (ABT), a NeuroDevelopmental in-home program for ages 7+ is designed to pinpoint challenges and provide individualized program activities and support without traveling to one of our evaluation sites. $45.00 Off.

More Information on Advanced Brain Training

#2. Jump Start, a NeuroDevelopmental in-home program for ages six and under. Jump Start activities greatly reduce or often eliminate the root causes of brain inefficiencies and are selected to address issues with gross motor, fine motor, speech, language, auditory and visual function as well as sensory integration, behavioral and academic concerns.$40.00 Off.

More Information on Jump Start

"Before we started the program, my son was uncontrollable; he could not sit still for anything, even eating. Since we started the program he has progressively improved. He can sit for 20-30 minutes listening to music or doing fine motor activities." JG

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