STOP Overacting It's Not That Loud

When a child suffers from sensory overload, the experience not only sends them into a fight or flight response, but for them it is a very painful ordeal.

Auditory sensitivity leaves a child, teen or an adult in a state of discomfort from which they only want to reduce or stop immediately. It is said auditory sensory issues are a processing disorder. Some are born with it. The good news is that there can be relief through the NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life. This approach focuses on the root cause in the brain and through specific stimulation activities impacts the neuroplasticity within the brain which allows the brain to change, develop new connections, or to repair them and bring the functional ability of experiencing sound into the normal range.

Dr. Jan Bedell speaks to this issue, the techniques and skills that you can learn quite easily on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show through her podcasts entitled, Brain Coach Tips. This podcast is #20. Neurodevelopmentalist, Ruth Young joins her in this presentation. Please join these two professionals HERE at your convenience. Learn, grow and gain new skills to give relief to help anyone with auditory sensory issues walk away from these episodes of discomfort and interruption of their ability to learn, comprehend, and recall information successfully. Be sure and check out the handout for special savings!

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