Neuroplasticity – Rewiring The Brain

Changing The Brain with Dr. Jan Bedell, Podcast #19

God has given us an amazing feature in the brain called Neuroplasticity. It allows the brain to change in its neuro-connections when specific NeuroDevelopmental (ND) Approach to Life stimulating techniques are applied following screenings, or evaluations and professional training of parents by Certified Neurodevelopmentalists or NeuroEducational Specialists. Parents, teachers, or tutors administer the programs for the time needed for the child, teen or adult's brain to physically grow and change until full function ability is operational.

Little Giant Steps is a consulting group that works with children, teens and adults who struggle with learning, have been labeled with a learning disability (ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Auditory or Visual Processing Disorders, PDD, and many other learning issues whether diagnosed or not. Typically parents notice the unique difficulties their children are going through, and when they understand there is a natural corrective modality based on the NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life; they seek our many services, and time-tested programs

that treat the specific issues (root causes in the brain) that render the individuals performance below their age or grade levels.

Click here to listen to this presentation

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