I Know My Child's Intelligent, But....

Why is he so disorganized?

Why does he/she act like a younger child?

Why is his room such a mess?

Why is phonics so difficult? I've tried different phonics programs and still she's struggling.

Why is he so rough with his friends and siblings?

You can find answers for the root causes of these symptoms during workshops at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions.

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for your appointment to discover learning successes

Screening Dates Individual Evaluations

Rogers, AR - March 23,2017 Rogers, AR - March 26, 2017

Nashville,TN March 30, 2017 Nashville - March 29, April 2

Sandusky,OH April 20, 2017 Sandusky - April 19, April 23

For more information please go to: Little Giant Steps Services. or Call: 972-758-1260 x 403

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