A Child's Current Functional Abilities

February 27, 2017


1. Get a current snapshot of developmental function of individuals who are gifted, typically developing and those having learning struggles/labels.  Though only a partial picture; it is a valid starting point to initiate root cause analysis.

2. It gives insight to you and your child. Greater clarity comes by shifting focus from only seeing symptoms to understanding why those symptoms are occurring; and, what remedies exist.  You will learn first steps in managing the false assumptions which typically come with these characteristics.  It can be a simple matter of development.



1. You must email: office@littlegiantsteps.com or go to www.littlegiantsteps.com and click "Services" to register.

2. All screening results will only be distributed at a screening seminar after all screenings are completed.

3. Developmental Foundations, Early Learning Foundations or Memory & Motion may be recommended to enhance memory and learning.

4. You and your child may possibly receive a recommendation for full professional services if deemed in the best interest of the individual. 

5. Individuals who are typically developing, struggling with learning or those with labels like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, or Dysgraphia can be screened.



You must attend the seminar afterwards. The free seminar explains the individuals current developmental function. An overview of the The NeuroDevelopmental Approach will be given and recommendations will be made to help maximize memory and learning through brain training.


Screenings are designed for adults, teens and children age 6+ who are gifted, typically developing or who have learning challenges or labels like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or Dysgraphia. There is help and hope for all learning challenges including sensory issues and syndromes but this particular screening service is not designed to address higher levels of involvement.



       ROGERS, AR -                    March 23, 2017

       NASHVILLE, TN-              March 30, 2017

       SANDUSKY, OH-               April, 20, 2017


       ATLANTA, GA-                  May 1, 2017

       ORLANDO, FL-                  May 25, 2017

       DES MOINES, IA              TBD






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