Make Math Easier

Dr. Jan Bedell addresses Making Math Easier

Math can be difficult for more individuals than we care to admit. With so many experiencing less than stellar performance in computation, Dr. Jan asks the listener to this podcast to consider a new way of bringing your child into the world of math success. You will learn how, with all the auditory and visual processing abilities fully functional, and seeing testing scores changing which show your son or daughter is at or above grade level, and seeing them for the first time enjoying their math encounters.
In this episode, Dr. Jan will demonstrate the value of The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life, which has taken many an individual from "hating math" to "loving their success". Organizing the brain is a key element of the intervention you'll learn about, but also utilizing a teaching method of "Intensity, Frequency, and Short Duration" and how it is the key to unlocking ones math ability.
Click on the picture to join Dr. Jan's podcast and experience a new direction toward improved math abilities. Don't miss the special discounts, but also the programs based on the ND Approach Special handout for our listeners!

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