Innovative Math Program for Struggling Students

Dr. Jan Bedell, PhD, M.ND has brought together the elements that allows for math conceptual understanding. like no other. Visual Circle Math offers an effective paradigm shift in the way math is taught. The student is shown visually how to solve math problems repeatedly before the expectation of solving the problem alone occurs. This method leads to true learning that lasts a lifetime. All procedures are based on the NeuroDevelopmental Approach.

The techniques used in the application is as important to the developmental processes, as is the subject matter. This is true because stimulating the development of the brain and body connections are impacted simultaneously.

This program is designed to start a beginning mathematician out with a good foundation of math concepts or quickly accelerate those students that are struggling or bored with the current math curriculum. Visual Circle Math meets a broad range of needs. Concepts range from kindergarten level to the beginning of 5th grade. See the video and chart for details.

The Visual Circle Math method:

  • Diminishes math fact errors with simple strategies

  • Allows the student to advance confidently in understanding each math concepts

  • Enhances the student’s ability to remember math concepts in long term memory

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