Avoiding Labels

To Label or Not To Label? That is the question.

This podcast discusses whether or not labels are effective and the amazing work from Dr. Jan Bedell at Little Giant Steps.

The latest podcast discusses the challenging world out there for parents of struggling learners. Take a few minutes to listen and learn.

All types of questions arise like these and Dr. Jan will address:

  • Why can’t my child stay focused on his work?

  • Why can’t she remember from one day to the next? Is she just not paying attention or is there something else at the bottom of this?

  • Is this a character/behavior issue or is there another reason for this inability to follow directions?

  • Why is reading, math, spelling and/or writing so hard for her/him?

  • Why are textures of food such an issue?

  • Shouldn’t getting dressed in the morning be a little easier? After all it is just a sock!

  • Do I need to get him/her tested for a learning disability?

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach takes a different look at the symptoms in the questions listed above. Looking for what causes these challenges is the first step toward finding the way to stimulate the brain so it changes. A changed brain produces changed abilities. Changed abilities causes changed behaviors. Many times labels like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia frequently come with a vague list of things that could be tried and often leave parents confused as to what to do next. Sometimes labels come with recommendations for expensive therapies. The “Brain Coach Tip” here is that these type labels can and often should be avoided.

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