Tummy Time


You know how important a solid foundation is for a building. Did you know, for infants, time spent on their tummy is just as foundationally important to their learning abilities, if not more so?

God gave us infants who are not developmentally "complete" once out of the womb. They have "Big Developmental Activities" that must be completed - (especially in developing their brain and body connections). The way to accomplish these crutial events is by being on their tummies most waking hours. This is how the brain is mapped (connected) to their body parts. The brain must learn through the largest sensory system of the body - the skin. The way to get the skin totally involved is by the baby being on their tummy! Without signals from stimulation, pressure, temperature, stretching, pushing, pulling, eye-tracking, lifting their head and shoulders, the lower levels of the brain don't start to get organized, and many other bodily-system connections don't develop properly. To grow neuro-connections that send signals from the brain to various body parts, the infant must have daily encounters on a hard surface, so they can have the "workout" that's required to build brain/body connections, muscles in arms, legs, necks, shoulders, back, development of eye-tracking, focusing, looking, and developing sensory knowledge of the world around them ~ hard, soft, cold, warm, hot, wet, dry, etc.

These much-needed connections growing between their brain and body is responsible for developing intentional acts rather than random movement. Without the neuro-connections, the neuro-muscular development, the child will suffer from lack of integration, physical, mental and functional delays. The good news is that these infants, toddlers, children, teens, and even adults can always receive a NeuroDevelopmental Program that will bring about the functional abilities that were missed in the early years. Life without being a whole, functionally-rich person is frustrating, causes depression, hopelessness, self-hatred, behavior issues, and poor adapting abilities along with very poor self-esteem. It's like competing in a world with your hands and brain tied behind your back! When a person can't learn due to neuro-inefficiencies it is devastating. Please know that having a learning disability does not have to last a lifetime. The intervention of a Brain Training Program can bring about a totally new life and an approach that is healthy, strong and vital!

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PLEASE.... HAVE YOUR BABY ON THEIR TUMMIES DURING THEIR WAKING HOURS! All this results in their brains being stimulated so neuro-connections are made and they develop into functionally coordinated and organized children and later adults! They deserve the best learning foundation possible!

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