Reading To Children - Benefits Galore

Dr. Jan Bedell practices what she preaches!!

Research has proved that young children who have been read to by their parents, family or friends are typically better prepared academically, developmentally, and vocabulary-wise than those who have little to no engagement of this kind in their world!

Reading to children opens concepts, activities, words, attention spans, visual processing, comprehension, storing information and being able to recall it. Most importantly reading improves auditory processing abilities. To hear something and following the story line affects our development globally! Having well developed short-term memory results in building long-term memory abilities. You are building neuro-connections which is great for any age human being! [it's great for grandparents who need to keep their aging brains tuned up!] Get out there and help the little ones, as well, as helping yourself!

Reading also can bring about the ability to "follow directions" ~ an enourmous benefit!

#ChildrenLearning #ChildDevelopment #ChildrenReading #MakeLearningEasy

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