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Little Giant Steps, a NeuroDevelopmental Consulting Group has been helping families for over twenty years to improve the learning abilities of children, teens, and adults. We use an approach that changes the functional abilities in the brain. It may sound like rocket science, but it is actually a natural developmental process every human being goes through. Unfortunately, many of our children miss these vital steps, however, through the plasticity of the brain, can be picked up by following specific programs, many are like games, that increase learning abilities.

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach is a practice of stimulating the brain with specific activities that will bring about an increase in neuro-pathways, resulting in better neuro-efficiency. With better neuro-efficiency one can receive, process, store and retrieve information more easily resulting in improved organization, short term memory, long term memory, coordination and academic abilities.

If an individual has certain number of symptoms that are observed for at least six months, they typically receive a label. In our experience, help for a loved one with learning challenges is much more beneficial than a label. We work with the root causes of learning difficulties as opposed to teaching coping and compensating skills or medicating. Whether you or your child has been labeled, or is having difficulties with tasks such as handwriting or math proficiency, the NeuroDevelopmental approach offers the solution many have searched for.

Please visit our website to learn more: . If you have specific questions, please email:

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