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Rapid Recall System - Math facts are the building blocks of quick accurate math computation for life.

In just 7 min. a day (9 min. for multiplication) The Rapid Recall System provides, exposure to a select number of math facts, 14 times a day. In these 1-2 min. sessions, students hear, see, say and write these facts for one week. Only 2 of the 14 daily exposures involve "output" in which the child says the answer, 12 exposures involve "input" in which the child is given the information necessary to master this essential skill. This approach takes all the stress out of learning math facts! The teacher only has to be involved for 2 of the one minute sessions each day, or you can use the Visual Input Computer Disc for these one minute sessions so older children can do this whole system independently (sold separately).


4 Teachers' Guides with written and DVD instructions

4 Sets of Visual Input Cards

4 Audio CD for the auditory input sessions

4 Student Activity Book (one book needed for each student using the system –

additional Student Activity Books sold separately)

Retail Price: $150.00 Sale Price: $135.00 Coupon Code: RRS-BF20

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