Learning can be made easy! How? With all learning problems there is a root cause that can be identified and remedied. When the brain and body are communicating efficiently then sensory input is improved and the learning process can become a joy. Learning Disabilities has become an epidemic in the United States. Labels like Dyslexia, ADD/ ADHD, PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delays), and Autism. These labels have invaded the lives of children and their families and have forever changed the landscape of education. Has the joy of learning been diminished? Yes, it has without a doubt.

The professionals at Little Giant Steps are trained to utilize The Neurodevelopmental Approach and have had many years of success in making learning fun again! We address these "symptoms" by using a two-fold assessment. First, using a battery of educational tests, a baseline for math, reading and comprehension are established. Next, a developmental evaluation where nine levels of development in six areas of function are assessed. This information gives the Neurodevelopmentalist or Neuro-Educational Specialist the basis for writing an individualized program. The program will address the root causes. The one common element in all learning issues, from our point of view, has to do with sensory dysfunction. Built into the brain is the element of neuroplasticity which is the natural ability of the brain to change, or repair those areas that are deficient, incomplete, or damaged. We know we can make a difference in the lives of our clients, because we've seen it over and over again. Learning can truly be made a joyful experience that will last a lifetime.

"Learning Disabilities Don't Have To Last A Lifetime!"

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