Thirty short pages boldly declare a statement of truth that can ignite a revolution against historical mudslinging and can set a young generation free of dyslexia.

Truth has the power to set folks free. Knowing the truth about the root causes of dyslexia can empower pioneers to blaze a trail through traditional mindsets and perhaps stop an epidemic of learning disabilities that currently claims the academic lives of one in five children.

Does anyone care about these disheartened children? Will anyone help their struggling families? Is anyone brave enough to champion a life-saving effort? Is anyone willing to sing a new freedom song? Dr. Jan Bedell, mother of a mentally challenged child, discovered the beginning of a whole new focus to her professional life when introduced to The NeuroDevelopmental Approach and how it changed the course of her daughter's life! She has sacrificially labored for over twenty years to work with dyslexic children.

The NeuroDevelopmental Approach has successfully addressed root causes of dyslexia and set them free of debilitating symptoms. Dyslexia is no longer a learning-death sentence. There is hope when Little Giant Steps helps families. Dr. Bedell is singing a freedom song and hundreds of families who have received Little Giant Steps' NeuroDevelopmental Programs and Services have joined the choir!

A while back, Dr. Jan was writing her final paper to obtain a Master's Degree in Special Education from Texas Tech University. The abstract is entitled, "Dyslexia: The Neurodevelopmental Approach". Results from her volumes of research on dyslexia could only be summarized in 37 short pages for her professor. The remaining details must wait for the book to be published. We applaud her pioneering efforts! Thank you, Dr. Jan, for dedicating your professional life to the study of the root causes of dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities. Thousands of families have been helped and are deeply grateful for your NeuroDevelopmental solutions.

Sing on! Sing loud! Sing strong a Freedom Song! In lieu of the book, please take advantage of the Free Dyslexia Articles and other resources on our Little Giant Steps website.

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