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Every parent on this planet wants to see their children thrive and be successful in life and learning. Unfortunately, there are some of our children who come to us with special quirks and unique behaviors. It can be puzzling, and sometimes distressing when we see a son or daughter who seems to be missing details, can't follow directions, or just don't "get it". Little Giant Steps

has been in business for over twenty years, and if there is a legacy that has defined our work it is: "Learning Difficulties Do Not Have to Last A Lifetime"! The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life is a natural and fantastically successful series of available brain training programs to address learning issues at the root cause in the brain! The brain, after all, is where we learn! The brain also has the ability to change and become more organized, gain clarity of thought, improve in long and short-term memory, and a host of other wonderful features that can be brought about when a parent will learn how to follow the activities addressing the issues in struggling learners. Here's a note we received from Jen, a mother of sons who recognized her boy had several learning issues. She had her son evaluated by a Neuro-Educational Specialist, and an individualized program written to help him move from struggling to learn to success!

"My husband and I have one son who has been on program for 6 months. We home school our children. Our middle son did not start learning to read until he was 7 years old, and reading and spelling have always been difficult for him. We are mainly working on visual dominance, macular reflection, and tactility issues. We have also worked on visual and auditory sequential processing, conceptualization, and articulation. At our 4 month re-evaluation, we were so encouraged with the results. We saw changes/progress in all areas, including a 2 grade level jump in all academic testing areas. I was especially thrilled with his improvement in reading decoding which is very weak. We have yet to see improvement in spelling, but I have faith that it will follow once his visual dominance and reflection problems are completely corrected. I am sold on the benefits of this program and so very thankful for it and the work of our evaluator. It has been an answer to prayer! Jen B

If you recognize something is less than ideal in your child's learning experience, we offer free resources to help you learn and grow into being a part of fixing these issues here and now!

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